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The Collapsible Cart was born of necessity. Electricians John Shindelar and Stuart Zinke worked a different job site every day, almost always outside. Daily they wished for a durable work area to put together electrical projects and keep their tools and materials off the ground. A utility cart sounded like a practical solution but with limited space in a service truck, they found all available carts took up too much room and were difficult to secure during travel. There were very few carts that broke down to take up less space. The few available had loose parts that got misplaced and weren’t easy to handle when broken down to lay flat. After searching far and wide for a collapsible cart and not finding what they needed, they brainstormed with friend Terry Odom and thanks to Terry’s amazing welding/metal skills, the Collapsible Cart was created!

John and Stuart took their helpful Collapsible Carts to every job site. And every worker on the job site questioned where they purchased them. Contractors were amazed at the durability and strength of the Collapsible Cart. Also how easy it is to collapse, lock the wheels, and place in the limited bed space for travel to the next job. The flat-free tires assured there was never a flat or low tire that makes movement difficult. And the double-locking casters locked the Cart just where they needed it to efficiently work. The powder coating made the Cart durable and able to easily withstand any weather here in the Pacific Northwest. No more making multiple trips to the truck to get tools and materials. Instead, the two electricians loaded about 400lbs daily onto their  Collapsible Carts and started that day’s projects.

After building carts one-by-one for other contractors,, they realized they had created an awesome product that was labor- and time-saving for myriad professions.  Both a design and utility patent were applied for and awarded for the Collapsible Cart. Our informative website has caught the attention of diverse industries and we’ve had many federal agencies make multiple purchases as well as various occupations that find the Collapsible Cart tremendously helpful. We have sold carts to storm chasers, mobile car mechanics, mobile hospital workers, and many to the film industry. Wedding caterers have called and told us how stable our cart is and how much it is trusted to handle very pricey wedding cakes rolling over rough terrain. (Now that is a use we never considered when building carts thinking only of the Trades!)

Collapsible Carts - About Us - Rhino Tuff Tools

We continue to build our carts in North Idaho to assure each one is as durable and perfect as we expect. We are a Veteran Owned company and take great pride in manufacturing this great cart right here in our beloved United States! We have carts in stock and typically ship via UPS Ground within 24 hours of receiving payment. We accept PayPal and credit cards at our store or you can always call 800-308-8009 to pay directly with a credit card.

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Thank you for reading about our Collapsible Cart. Each is a labor of love and we are confident you will find it helpful in any way you use it!

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